Open Postdoctoral Research Associate Positions

Nelson Lab

Postdoctoral or more senior research positions are available at Princeton University in the laboratory of Professor Celeste Nelson in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering to study the biochemical and mechanical mechanisms that define pattern formation during branching morphogenesis of the mammary gland and lung.

Datta Lab

A full-time experimental post-doctoral researcher or more senior research position is immediately available in the group of Professor S. Datta. The researcher will perform experiments studying bacterial communities and active matter in complex environments.

Webb Lab

The Webb Lab has an opening for a postdoctoral research associate or more senior research candidates, jointly advised by the Jacobs Group (Chemistry), to study biomolecular phase separation and condensate rheology using coarse-graining and machine-learning methods.

Davidson Lab

The Davidson Lab is looking for postdoctoral or more senior research candidates interested in developing novel stimuli-responsive polymeric materials, and investigating the impact of processing via additive manufacturing methods on the structure and performance of nanostructured polymers.