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Ph.D. students
Graduate student talks with professor Brangwynne


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5 to 10

researchers per group

Research that defines the frontiers of knowledge in our field.

Mentorship lies at the core of our mission. Through close engagement and collaboration, graduate students build lifelong relationships with their faculty advisors.

Explore the contours of our current research.


Careers that make a lasting impact on the world.

Our program prepares chemical and biological engineers for academia, government, industrial research and development, business, entrepreneurship and medicine.

And all Ph.D. students receive full funding for at least five years. You pay no tuition. Admission guarantees a generous stipend based on combined teaching and research assistantships.

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years on average to the Ph.D.
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of students have an adviser outside the department
Andlinger Center


collaborating departments and centers

Resources in every direction.

Our focus on collaboration means more high-quality opportunities for our graduate students: greater flexibility in the pursuit of your interests, more access to advanced technologies across a variety of facilities, and better connections to leading researchers in a large number of specializations.

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