Grad Student Life

A map showing Princeton halfway between New York and Philadelphia

Princeton, New Jersey, USA

Princeton is located one hour from New York City, one hour from Philadelphia, one hour from the beach and very close to great areas for hiking, biking and other outdoor activity. The region boasts an extensive network of trains and buses. Our campus consistently rates among the most beautiful in the world. Learn more about living in Princeton.

Graduate Students in the News

'Creative, tenacious' work on soft robotics wins department's top dissertation award

Recent Ph.D. recipient Trevor Jones, whose work on soft robotics has been featured in several top journals, won the department’s Jui Dasgupta Outstanding Ph.D. Dissertation Award. Graduate students Drew Carson and Evelyn Navarro-Salazar each won an Outstanding AI Award for their teaching.

Nine students receive NSF funding for graduate research

Four current and incoming graduate students and five graduating seniors from Princeton CBE have been awarded graduate research fellowships from the National Science Foundation, a five-year program that includes three years of funding for their graduate studies.

Teaching awards celebrate instructors’ positive impact on students’ lives and careers

Sujit Datta, assistant professor of chemical and biological engineering, was honored for teaching "Squishy Engineering: Using Soft Materials to Solve Hard Problems" (CBE 430) in spring 2022; and graduate student Drew Carson was honored as a teaching assistant for "Chemical Reaction Engineering" (CBE 441) in fall 2022.


The Graduate School at Princeton offers a rich tapestry of social and professional development opportunities to scholars across dozens of disciplines. A popular social hour is organized every Friday evening at the Graduate College. And a range of organizational opportunities are available, from politics to intramural athletics.

First-year graduate students are guaranteed housing in the Graduate College. After the first year, most students rent an apartment in either one of the two designated complexes on the southeast side of campus. Off-campus graduate-student housing is affordable and convivial.

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Life in the Department

Although scholarship is what drives this department, Princeton CBE is so much more than the sum of its citations.The graduate student body comes to life in all kinds of ways. In addition to casual gatherings and the occasional group outing (say, to a Trenton Thunder minor league baseball game or a long weekend in Puerto Rico), a few regular departmental events anchor the social life of the academic year.

Softball team on left. GSS poster session on right.

Graduate Student Symposium

The annual Graduate Student Symposium (GSS) is a day-long event organized by the graduate students in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at Princeton University. GSS showcases current graduate student research in the department, ranging from mathematical modeling and simulations to materials science and bioengineering, through oral and poster presentations. Presentations by the graduate students fosters an avenue for discussion between academia and industry and provides an excellent environment for collaboration and networking. GSS is held every October.

Current information can be found at the Graduate Student Symposium website.

Critical Point

After a month of hard work, it could be nice to have a good drink, lots of snacks, and even better company.  Critical Point, our monthly happy hour, is a great opportunity for graduate students and faculty to simply hang out and catch up.  Run by the first year graduate students, it’s a chance to start contributing right away to the social side of our department!

The CBE Softball Team

Each year a robust group of CBE graduate students, postdocs and faculty members join together in the spring and summer to compete in a campus-wide softball league. The tradition goes back several decades. Many glittering trophies line the shelves of the graduate student lounge.