News: Biomolecular Engineering

Honorific fellowships fund research into aging cells and targeted cancer therapies
Princeton’s Graduate School has selected two CBE graduate students for honorific fellowships in the 2022-2023 academic year. Li Cao won a Charlotte Elizabeth Procter Fellowship; Bernardo Gouveia won a Wallace Memorial Fellowship in Engineering.
Innovation funds support advances in human health, plant microbiomes and materials science
This year’s engineering school Innovation Research Grants are funding efforts to improve plant growth and productivity, better understand bacterial resistance, and create a safe, long-lasting fire-retardant spray.
Glowing yeast lights the way to better biofuels
Deploying a technique that promises to supercharge the development of biofuels, researchers at Princeton University have found a way to make yeast cultures glow when producing next generation fuels that could power cars and airplanes.