News: Complex Materials and Processing

Recent collaborative work from the groups of CBE Professors Ilhan Aksay, Bob Prud’homme, and Rick Register has shown that functional graphene sheets (FGS) make effective multifunctional nano-fillers for several types of elastomers, simultaneously improving mechanical properties, reduce gas permeation, and impart electrical conductivity.
In organic photovoltaic devices, the active layer must simultaneously be thin enough that the electrons and holes can easily be collected, yet thick enough to absorb much of the solar radiation landing upon it. In an article published recently in Nature Photonics, a Princeton team has come up with an ingenious solution to this conundrum.
Stephanie Lee, working with Professor Yueh-Lin Loo and others, has studied large two-dimensional spherulites of the organic semiconductor TES-ADT, and found that the mobilities of transistors are surprisingly independent of the general pi-stacking direction, due to the low-angle grain boundaries that are ubiquitous in spherulites.