Discovery through Product and Process Design

Saturday, Jun 26, 2004

FOCAPD 2004 (Foundation of Computer-Aided Process Design) is the sixth international conference, held every five years, in a distinguished series that focuses on computer-aided design. The major theme of the FOCAPD 2004 conference, Discovery through Product and Process Design, reflects this remarkable shift in the industrial sector.

The preliminary objective of the FOCAPD 2004 conference is the triptych of: providing an in-depth review and critical assessment of the current state of the art; discussing the current and future needs of research, education, and training; and identifying new directions, opportunities, and challenges in product and process design.

FOCAPD 2004 will bring together and foster interaction among world-renowned experts from academia and industry, researchers and practitioners from government laboratories and several industries, and graduate students. Participants from product- and process-oriented industries such as chemicals, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, biochemicals, food and beverages, electronics and materials, and energy and environment, will discuss recent advances, challenges, and emerging opportunities in product and process design.

The conference is being co chaired by Prof. Christodoulos Floudas of the Department of Chemical Engineering, Princeton University and Dr. Rakesh Agrawal of Air Products and Chemicals. It will be held on July 11-16, 2004 at the Friend Center for Engineering Education, Princeton University.