News: Energy and Environment

Health, environment and imaging are focus of this year’s Schmidt Transformative Technology Fund grants
Sujit Datta and Emily Davidson will co-lead a team receiving funding from the Schmidt Transformative Technology Fund. The project aims to reduce urban flooding by developing a new concrete-like material that absorbs rainwater and then releases it slowly back to the environment.
NSF rewards two clean-energy researchers with five-year fellowships
Sustainability research has earned two CBE students, senior Grace Wei and second-year graduate student Cole Hullfish, graduate research fellowships from the National Science Foundation. Each fellowship comes with five years of professional development support and three years of funding, including an annual $34,000 stipend and $12,000 cost of education allowance.
Glowing yeast lights the way to better biofuels
Deploying a technique that promises to supercharge the development of biofuels, researchers at Princeton University have found a way to make yeast cultures glow when producing next generation fuels that could power cars and airplanes.