Graduate commencement returns after hiatus to celebrate the scholarly achievements of 26 doctoral and 7 master's students

May 24, 2022

Princeton CBE held its second-ever graduate commencement reception on Monday, May 23, celebrating the 26 doctoral students and seven master’s students who earned graduate degrees over the past year.

Christopher Browne received the Department’s Jui Dasgupta Outstanding Ph.D. Dissertation Award, selected annually by the graduate faculty committee. Browne’s work with his adviser Sujit Datta, assistant professor of chemical and biological engineering, produced more than a dozen publications, including a highly cited paper on the dynamics of elastic fluids.

The cohort of former doctoral students came from locations near and far to join their faculty advisers and CBE staff over breakfast. Some had earned their Ph.D.s as far back as June of 2021, while others were newly minted this month.

The early-morning reception was inaugurated in 2019 under the leadership of then-director of graduate studies Rodney Priestley, the Pomeroy and Betty Perry Smith Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering. In 2020 and 2021 the breakfast was not held due to pandemic-related gathering restrictions.

Current director of graduate studies Christos Maravelias, the Anderson Family Professor in Energy and the Environment, renewed the ceremony this year, marking the return of a fledgling tradition that celebrates the enormous achievements of Princeton CBE graduate students.

The full list of Ph.D. and M. Eng. recipients is below:

Daniel Amchin, Ph.D.
Adviser: Sujit Datta
Thesis: Biophysical Modeling of the Growth and Motion of Bacterial Populations

Lena Barrett, Ph.D.
Adviser: Stanislav Shvartsman
Thesis: Systematic characterization of dorsal tracheal terminal cell branching throughout normal and dysregulated development in Drosophila larvae

Jane Brown, M.Eng.

Christopher Browne, Ph.D.
Adviser: Sujit Datta
Thesis: Elastic Turbulence in Porous Media

Lingzhi Cai, Ph.D.
Adviser: Pierre-Thomas Brun
Thesis: Harnessing Rayleigh-Plateau Instability in Polymer Melts

Francisco Carrillo, Ph.D.
Advisers: Ian Bourg
Thesis: Modeling Multiphase Flow Within and Around Multiscale Deformable Porous Materials

Nick Cho, Ph.D.
Adviser: Richard Register
Thesis: Role of Tie Molecules in Ductility and Deformation of Polyethylene

Hee Joo Choi, M.Eng.

Rocky Diegmiller, Ph.D.
Adviser: Stanislav Shvartsman
Thesis: Symmetry Breaking in Cells & Cell Networks

Sayantan Dutta, Ph.D.
Adviser: Stanislav Shvartsman
Thesis: Data-driven Computational Models of Fruit Fly Embryogenesis

Clay Hamill, Ph.D.
Adviser: Lynn Loo
Thesis: Solution Chemistry Affects Processing and Properties of Perovskite Active Layers for Solar Energy Conversion

Sravya Jangareddy, Ph.D.
Adviser: Richard Register
Thesis: Miscibility Enhancement in Polyisoprene/Polyolefin Block Copolymers and Polymer Blends

Albert Jiang, M.Eng.

Yundi Jiang, Ph.D.
Advisers: Sankaran Sundaresan and Yannis Kevrekidis
Thesis: Data-Driven Multiscale Modeling of Gas-Particle Flows

Daniel Kozuch, Ph.D.
Adviser: Pablo Debenedetti
Thesis: Computer-Aided Understanding of Perturbations in Soft Matter Systems

Makoto Lalwani, Ph.D.
Adviser: José Avalos
Thesis: Dynamic and Modular Control of Microbial Chemical and Protein Production Using Optogenetics

Annabel Lemma, Ph.D.
Adviser: Mark Brynildsen
Thesis: Persistence Depends on Events Before, During, and After Antibiotic Treatment

Alicia Magann, Ph.D.
Adviser: Herschel Rabitz
Thesis: Designing Quantum Controls Efficiently

Rebecca Mays, M.Eng.

Sarah McFann, Ph.D.
Adviser: Stanislav Shvartsman and Jared Toettcher
Thesis: Erk Signaling Dynamics and Their Role in Germ Layer Patterning

Thao Nguyen, Ph.D.
Adviser: Martin Wühr
Thesis: Investigating the Causes and Consequences of Protein Nucleocytoplasmic Partitioning in Vertebrate Development

Jae Won Oh, M.Eng.

Margarita Orlova, M.Eng.

Michael Palmer, Ph.D.
Adviser: Celeste Nelson
Thesis: Evolution-Guided Investigation of Developmental Mechanisms in Lungs of Terrestrial Vertebrates

Kurt Ristroph, Ph.D.
Adviser: Robert Prud’homme
Thesis: Polymeric Nanocarriers for the Delivery of Ionizable Therapeutics:  Formulation, Internal Structure, and Large-Scale Process Development

Jeni Sorli, Ph.D.
Adviser: Lynn Loo
Thesis: Elucidation of Chemistry-Structure-Function Relationships in Molecular Semiconductors for Organic Electric Applications

Thomas Thiem, Ph.D.
Adviser: Yannis Kevrekidis
Thesis: Making Sense of a Complex World: A Data-Driven Approach

Archit Verma, Ph.D.
Adviser: Barbara Engelhardt
Thesis: Bayesian Modeling of Single Cell Expression

Shuo Wang, Ph.D.
Adviser: Mohamed Abou Donia
Thesis: An Atlas of Small Molecules in the Human Microbiome

Abraham Wolf, Ph.D.
Adviser: Daniel Cohen
Thesis: Understanding and Controlling Collective Cell Behavior: A Study of Supracellular Dynamics in Epithelial Tissues

Shuwen Yue, Ph.D.
Adviser: Athanassios Panagiotopoulos
Thesis: Thermodynamic and Transport Properties of Molecular Fluids: From Empirical Force Fields to Machine-Learning Models

Rawlison Zhang, M.Eng.

Wenxuan Zhang, Ph.D.
Adviser: Craig Arnold
Thesis: Multiple Laser Beam Processes for Advanced Manufacturing