Honorific fellowships fund research into aging cells and targeted cancer therapies

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Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering
May 11, 2022

Princeton’s Graduate School has selected two CBE graduate students for honorific fellowships in the 2022-2023 academic year. Li Cao won a Charlotte Elizabeth Procter Fellowship; Bernardo Gouveia won a Wallace Memorial Fellowship in Engineering.

The Graduate School’s honorific fellowships recognize students in their later years of graduate study and provide full tuition support and a stipend that exceeds the base rate. Awardees are chosen for their exceptional scholarship.

Li Cao

Cao, from Shanghai and San Jose, Calif., studies tiny protein-like molecules called peptides, which carry out some of life’s most basic functions. His work seeks to turn an undesirable side effect of peptide synthesis into a therapy for aging cells. He is advised by A. James Link, professor of chemical and biological engineering.

Bernardo Gouveia

Gouveia, from Houston and Rio de Janeiro, studies spindly biomolecular structures called microtubules that are responsible for cell division. He seeks a quantitative understanding of these spindles that would spur new cancer therapies and technologies for artificial cells. He is co-advised by Sabine Petry, associate professor of molecular biology, and Howard Stone, the Donald R. Dixon ’69 and Elizabeth W. Dixon Professor in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.

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