Soft matter expert awarded for "beautiful applications"

Written by
Scott Lyon
Sept. 4, 2019

The Biophysical Society has awarded Clifford Brangwynne the 2020 Michael and Kate Bárány Award for Young Investigators for his "beautiful applications of the principles of soft matter" toward the manipulation of cells and tissues.

Brangwynne, a professor of chemical and biological engineering, was appointed an HHMI Investigator in 2018, when he also received a MacArthur Fellowship. He is an associated faculty member in molecular biology and the Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics.

Founded in 1958, the Biophysical Society currently counts over 9,000 international members from across academia, industry and government agencies. The Bárány Award recognizes superlative work by a person who has not yet received full professor at the time of the nomination. Brangwynne received full professor status on July 1 of this year, after the nominations had closed. The award will be presented by the BPS president, David W. Piston, at the Society's annual meeting in February.