Students celebrate faculty and grad students for teaching excellence

Written by
the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering
March 6, 2019

For the second year in a row, chemical and biological engineering graduate student Katelyn Randazzo and lecturer C. Morris Smith were each recognized with an Excellence in Teaching Award, given by the joint undergraduate and graduate engineering councils.

The recipients are:

Spring 2017-18

Professor Andrew Houck (EGR 154) Foundations of Engineering: Linear Systems

Professor Brian Kernighan (COS 333) Advanced Programming Techniques

Professor Jason Petta (PHY 104) General Physics II

Professor Matt Weinberg (COS 445) Economics and Computation

Dr. Ibrahim Albluwi (COS 226) Algorithms and Data Structures

Weidong Han (ORF 418) Optimal Learning

Katherine Kokmanian (MAE 222) Mechanics of Fluids

Dr. Kasey Wagoner (PHY 104) General Physics II

Fall 2018-19

Professor Amir Ali Ahmadi (ORF 363) Computing and Optimization

Dr. Hansheng Diao (MAT 203) Advanced Vector Calculus

Donna Gabai (COS 217) Introduction to Programming Systems

Dr. Charles Morris Smith (CBE 442) Design, Synthesis, and Optimization of Chemical Processes

Lance Goodridge (COS 318) Operating Systems

Katelyn Randazzo (CBE 250) Separations in Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology

Cheyenne Teng (ELE 301) Signals and Systems

Ben Zhang (CHM 207) Advanced General Chemistry: Materials Chemistry