Sundaresan wins E-Council "Excellence in Teaching Award"

Thursday, Mar 31, 2005

Professor Sankaran Sundaresan received a Spring 2005 E-Council "Excellence in Teaching Award" for his exceptional instruction and dedication to his students in Mass, Momentum and Energy Transport (CHE 341). The award was presented by undergraduate Chris Bohn ‘06 at the award ceremony on March 30. Some excerpts from the award presentation: “In my three years at Princeton, I have noticed an alarming trend. The shorter a class name, the more difficult the class. When my fellow CHE’s and I found out that Mass, Momentum and Energy Transport …went by the affectionate moniker “pipes,” we were terrified. To quote one student, ‘Going into it, I thought the class was going to be a hellish experience. I was proven very wrong.’ Sundar is responsible for this shift. Some other student quotes:

  • “Sundar was far and away the best professor I’ve had at Princeton--in any class, in any department. [Period.]”
  • “He actually refused to let us leave [office hours] until the confused looks on our faces turned to smiles of understanding.”
  • “SUNDAR ROCKS!!!!”