News: Undergraduate

Monday, Nov 30, 2020
Worldwide, antibiotics are losing their efficacy in treating disease, and the search for new strains is challenging. Mark Brynildsen, associate professor of chemical and biological engineering, is teaching a course this term aimed at familiarizing students with the current antibiotics crisis. The course recently received funding from Princeton...
Monday, Oct 12, 2020
For undergraduates in the engineering school, summer often means a chance to apply their learning in new ways, whether conducting field research, working in industry or volunteering abroad. Last summer, with the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting many of these plans, some students’ research projects took them in unexpected directions.
Monday, Jun 1, 2020
The Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering honored its 24 graduating seniors in a virtual Class Day ceremony on Monday, June 1, conferring multiple honors and awards for academic achievement.
Monday, Jun 1, 2020
Shih’s thesis focused on specially formulated chain-like molecules called polymers that can help flush contaminants from hard-to-reach crevices in underground aquifers. How these polymers move through porous rocks to dislodge pollutants — and why they are more effective in some settings than in others — is not well understood.
Monday, Mar 9, 2020

Princeton seniors Danielle Stephenson and Riley Wagner have been awarded fellowships from ReachOut 56-81-06, an alumni-funded effort that supports year-long public service projects after graduation.