Polymer expert Rodney Priestley elected APS Fellow

Priestley has discovered many phenomena within the study of polymers and soft matter, particularly thin films, colloids and the intricately layered class of materials known as nanocomposites — materials that are important to electronics, cosmetics, medicines and other commercial products. He was one of only three 2023 APS Fellows sponsored by the Division of Polymer Physics.

William Russel, groundbreaking engineer, cherished mentor, and tireless dean who championed graduate students, dies at 77

Russel, the Arthur W. Marks ’19 Professor in Chemical Engineering, emeritus, rose to prominence as a specialist in colloids, which are suspensions of tiny particles in fluids, such as smoke or milk. His work, which included one of the classic equations of his field, helped combat pollution and led to improved paints, medicines and adhesives. He…

AIChE names two Princeton researchers to 35 Under 35

Michele Sarazen, assistant professor of chemical and biological engineering, investigates catalysis and green chemistry to address global grand challenges in energy and sustainable manufacturing. She was…

With an eye toward renewable energy, biotech specialist Giannakopoulou is named a Presidential Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Biotechnology specialist Archontoula Giannakopoulou has joined Princeton CBE as a 2023 Presidential Postdoctoral Research Scholar, bringing expertise in the use of biotechnologies to address problems in energy and health.

Bioengineering postdoc wins three-year fellowship to study physical origins of lung disease

She is one of 18 fellows for 2023, according to an LSRF announcement. The awards not only provide financial support but also experience managing a research budget and the opportunity to build independent research programs. LSRF was founded in 1981 by the late Dr. Donald D. Brown and announced its…

AIChE honors Sujit Datta with the Colburn Award for Excellence in Publications

The Colburn Award goes annually to a member of the Institute who has made significant contributions to the chemical engineering literature and who has received a Ph.D. within the past 12 years. AIChE first gave the award in…

Computational modeling pioneer Yannis Kevrekidis wins AIChE's 2023 Walker Award

Yannis Kevrekidis, a pioneer in the computational study of complex systems, has won the 2023 William H. Walker Award for Excellence in Contributions to Chemical Engineering Literature from the American Institute of Chemical Engineering (AIChE).

Soft matter expert Sujit Datta promoted to associate professor

Datta joined the department as an assistant professor in 2017. Since then, he has established himself as a leading researcher in the study of how soft materials — everything from synthetic fluids to living cells — interact with and move through complex real-world environments.

'Creative, tenacious' work on soft robotics wins department's top dissertation award

Recent Ph.D. recipient Trevor Jones, whose work on soft robotics has been featured in several top journals, won the department’s Jui Dasgupta Outstanding Ph.D. Dissertation Award. Graduate students Drew Carson and Evelyn Navarro-Salazar each won an Outstanding AI Award for their teaching.

Class Day ceremony honors excellence in a "tight-knit community"

"Remember to think critically and independently," said Christos Maravelias, Anderson Family Professor of Energy and the Environment and chair of chemical and biological engineering. "This is the hallmark…