Robert Prud'homme wins AIChE nanoscience award for widely adopted drug mixing process

Robert K. Prud’homme has received the 2022 Nanoscale Science and Engineering Forum Award from the American Institute for Chemical Engineers, recognizing his bedrock mixing technique called flash nanoprecipitation. The approach has been adopted globally to produce treatments for malaria, tuberculosis, cancer, diabetes, COVID-19 and many other conditions.

Leading polymer scientist Rodney Priestley named AIChE "eminent" chemical engineer

Polymer expert Rodney Priestley has been awarded the 2022 Eminent Chemical Engineers Award by the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) Minority Affairs Committee.

Yejoon Seo awarded the 2022 Dale Grieb Safety Award

Seo received the award Nov. 3 during the Environmental Health and Safety Fall Safety Managers Breakfast. The award comes with a cash prize of $2,500.

The Dale Grieb Safety Award was established in 2019 in honor of Dale Grieb, a longtime Princeton…

2021-2022 Dasgupta Outstanding AI Awards

Drew Carson and Joanna Schneider were awarded 2021-2022 Jui Dasgupta Outstanding AI Awards from the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering.

Living matter expert Sujit Datta wins APS award for illuminating bacterial dynamics

The award recognizes Datta’s work illuminating bacterial dynamics and organization, and “for inspiring the community to engage with these complex systems.” As part of the award,…

After 300 years study, a new way to understand bacteria

As bacteria grow in three dimensions, their colonies consistently form fascinating rough shapes resembling a branching head of broccoli, much more intricate than forms typically seen in a flat dish.

Soft matter expert Brun wins APS Award for “creative and groundbreaking” research

Pierre-Thomas Brun, an expert in soft-matter engineering, has been awarded the Early Career Award for Soft Matter Research from the American Physical Society, which goes to one recipient each year for contributions to soft matter research.

Debenedetti wins Rahman Prize for Computational Physics

Debenedetti will receive the award from the American Physical Society “for seminal contributions to the science of supercooled liquids and glasses, water, and aqueous solutions, through ground-breaking simulations.”

Priestley, pioneering materials scientist, wins ACS Marvel Award for Polymer Chemistry

The award recognizes “accomplishments and innovations of unusual merit in the field of basic or applied polymer science by younger scientists.” Priestley is known for his work characterizing polymers and soft matter, particularly thin films, colloids and nanocomposites.

Nelson, tissue engineering expert, wins NIH Director's Pioneer Award

Nelson, Princeton’s Wilke Family Professor in Bioengineering and a professor of chemical and biological engineering, is one of the eight recipients of the NIH Director’s Pioneer Award. Established in 2004, the Pioneer Award challenges investigators to pursue new research directions and develop groundbreaking, high-impact approaches to a broad area of biomedical, behavioral or social science.