Honorific fellowships fund research into aging cells and targeted cancer therapies
Princeton’s Graduate School has selected two CBE graduate students for honorific fellowships in the 2022-2023 academic year. Li Cao won a Charlotte Elizabeth Procter Fellowship; Bernardo Gouveia won a Wallace Memorial Fellowship in Engineering.
Dreyfus Foundation selects “squishy” engineer Sujit Datta for a teacher-scholar award
Sujit Datta has been named a Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar for “the dynamics of soft and living matter in complex environments.”
Our COVID vaccines would not exist without this unsung Princeton technology
For 20 years, researchers in Robert Prud’homme’s lab have fine-tuned a technology that has revolutionized drug manufacturing, enabling everything from mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccines to malaria drugs. The life-saving molecules that treat those diseases are fragile, and they must survive an epic voyage from a lab bench, through the supply chain, into a blood cell. Encapsulation gives them a secure vehicle and a final heading. It’s a delicate craft backed by complex mathematics, and over the arc of his career, Prud’homme has become a master craftsman.
Health, environment and imaging are focus of this year’s Schmidt Transformative Technology Fund grants
Sujit Datta and Emily Davidson will co-lead a team receiving funding from the Schmidt Transformative Technology Fund. The project aims to reduce urban flooding by developing a new concrete-like material that absorbs rainwater and then releases it slowly back to the environment.
Innovation funds support advances in human health, plant microbiomes and materials science
This year’s engineering school Innovation Research Grants are funding efforts to improve plant growth and productivity, better understand bacterial resistance, and create a safe, long-lasting fire-retardant spray.
Drug purification could be controlled with light using technology supported by Princeton's IP Accelerator Fund
A project aimed at controlling pharmaceutical purification with light, led by CBE researchers, has been selected for financial support from Princeton’s Intellectual Property Accelerator Fund.
NSF rewards two clean-energy researchers with five-year fellowships
Sustainability research has earned two CBE students, senior Grace Wei and second-year graduate student Cole Hullfish, graduate research fellowships from the National Science Foundation. Each fellowship comes with five years of professional development support and three years of funding, including an annual $34,000 stipend and $12,000 cost of education allowance.
Graduate researcher Katelyn Randazzo wins best first paper for measuring key material property
Graduate student Katelyn Randazzo has won the department’s 2022 SABIC Best First Publication Award, recognizing her work’s scientific merit and impact on the study of materials.
Rodney Priestley named dean of Princeton’s Graduate School
Rodney Priestley, the Pomeroy and Betty Perry Smith Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering and vice dean for innovation, has been named dean of Princeton University’s Graduate School. He will begin in his new role on June 1.
Bacteria prompt a new look at the dynamics of collective behavior
A study led by Princeton researchers has revealed how bacteria navigate obstacles to ensure cohesive group movement. The finding has implications for understanding the general processes of collective migration, from cancer cells responding to chemical stimulus to wildebeest moving across the savanna.