Cameron A. Myhrvold

Assistant Professor of Molecular Biology
Office Phone
428 Moffett Laboratory
  • A.B. Molecular Biology, Princeton University
  • Ph.D. Systems Biology, Harvard University

Honors and Awards

  • STAT Magazine Wunderkind Award, 2020
  • Forbes 30 Under 30, Healthcare category, 2019
  • ASTMH Robert E. Shope, MD, Fellowship in Infectious Diseases,  2018
  • Broad Institute Shark Tank Program, 2017


  • Assistant Professor of Molecular Biology
  • Associated Faculty, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering
  • Associated Faculty, Department of Chemistry
  • Associated Faculty, Omenn-Darling Bioengineering Institute

Research Interests

The Myhrvold lab is developing CRISPR-based technologies to study viral and host RNA. For more information about our research, see

Selected Publications
  1. Kimchi O*, Larsen BB*, Dunkley ORS, te Velthuis AJW, and Myhrvold C. RNA structure modulates Cas13 activity and enables mismatch detection. bioRxiv.
  2. Kang B, Zhang J, Schwoerer MP, Nelson AN, Shoeman E, Guo A, Ploss A, and Myhrvold C. Highly multiplexed mRNA quantitation with CRISPR-Cas13. bioRxiv. In review.
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