Christos Maravelias

Anderson Family Professor in Energy and the Environment
Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering and the Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment
Chair, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering
Office Phone
221 Engineering Quad

PhD, Chemical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University

MSc, Operational Research, London School of Economics and Political Science

Diploma, Chemical Engineering, National Technical University of Athens


Honors and Awards

  • Production and Operations Management Society Applied Research Challenge Award, 2016
  • Outstanding Young Researcher Award – CAST Division of AIChE, 2013
  • W. David Smith Jr. Award - CAST Division of AIChE, 2008
  • National Science Foundation CAREER Award, 2006
  • Inaugural Olaf A. Hougen Fellowship, 2004


  • Faculty, Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment

Research Interests

The goal of research in the group of Christos Maravelias is to develop theory, models and solution algorithms for problems in the general area of Process Systems Engineering (PSE). Current projects include: (1) chemical production scheduling, planning, and supply chain optimization; (2) chemical process synthesis; and (3) energy systems modeling, optimization and analysis, with special emphasis on biomass-to-fuels/chemicals and solar fuel and power technologies.

Selected Publications
  1. Maravelias CT. Chemical Production Scheduling: Mixed-Integer Programming Models and Methods. Cambridge University Press, 2021. (ISBN: 9781107154759).
  2. Kong L, Maravelias CT. On the Derivation of Continuous Piecewise Linear Approximating Functions. INFORMS Journal on Computing, accepted, 2020. (DOI:
  3. Ryu J, Kong L, Lima AEP, Maravelias CT. A Generalized Superstructure-based Framework for Process Synthesis. Computers & Chemical Engineering, 133, 106653, 2020.(DOI:
  4. Risbeck MJ, Maravelias CT, Rawlings JB. Unification of Closed-loop Scheduling and Control: State-space Formulations, Terminal Constraints, and Theoretical Properties. Computers & Chemical Engineering, 129, 106496, 2019.(DOI:
  5. Tountas AA, Peng X, Tavasoli AV, Duchesne PN, Dingle TL, Dong Y, Hurtado L, Mohan A, Sun W, Ulmer U, Wang L, Wood TE, Maravelias CT, Sain MM, Ozin GA. Towards Solar Methanol: Past, Present and Future. Advanced Science, 6, 1801903, 2019.(DOI:
  6. Herron JA, Kim J, Upadhye AA, Huber GW, Maravelias CT. A Generalized Framework for the Assessment of Solar Fuels Technologies. Energy and Environmental Science, 8, 126-157, 2015.(DOI: