Martin H. Wühr

Associate Professor of Molecular Biology and the Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics
Richard B. Fisher Preceptor in Integrative Genomics
Office Phone
246 Carl C. Icahn Laboratory

BS, Biochemistry, Technical University of Munich, 2004

PhD, Systems Biology, Harvard University, 2010



  • Associate Professor, Department of Molecular Biology
  • Associate Professor, Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics
  • Associated Faculty, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering
  • Associated Faculty, Department of Chemistry

Research Interests

We aim to advance quantitative proteomics technology and combine these methods with computational, biochemical, and imaging approaches to study the structure of the cytoplasm, nucleocytoplasmic partitioning, and the control of protein expression levels.


overview organization space and time

Outlined below are a few examples of questions and aims we are interested in.

  • Developing multiplexed MS methods for quantifying low abundant proteins (~1 nM) such as transcription factors and kinases
  • Make quantitative multiplexed proteomics compatible with cost-effective mass spectrometers.
  • How are protein abundances controlled? How much do transcription, translation, and degradation contribute to adapting protein abundances in different growth conditions?
  • Can we add prokaryotic proteomes (several thousand proteins that have never seen a nucleus) to eukaryotic systems and measure their nuclear partitioning to determine which physiochemical properties of proteins determine flux across the nuclear membrane?
  • Can we systematically measure the binding constants for active transport of proteins into and out of the nucleus via importins and exportins for the entire proteome? Can we integrate these measurements with other data to predict nucleocytoplasmic partitioning?
  • Can we develop methods to measure the strength of protein-protein interactions and better understand the nature of cytoplasm?
Selected Publications
  1. Felix Keber, Thao Nguyen, Cliff Brangwynne, Martin Wühr, “Evidence for widespread cytoplasmic structuring into mesoscopic condensates,” bioRxiv (2021).
  2. Thao Nguyen; Eli Costa; Tim Deibert; Jose Reyes; Felix Keber; Michael Stadlmeier; Meera Gupta; Chirag Kumar; Amanda Amodeo; Jesse Gatlin; Martin Wühr, ”Differential nuclear import sets the timing of protein access to the embryonic genome,” bioRxiv (2021).
  3. Joseph Crapse, Nishant Pappireddi, Meera Gupta, Stanislav Shvartsman, Eric Wieschaus, Martin Wühr, “Evaluating the Arrhenius Equation for the temperature dependence of developmental processes,” Molecular Systems Biology (2021).
  4. Alex Johnson, Michael Stadlmeier, Martin Wühr, “TMTpro Complementary Ion Quantification Increases Plexing and Sensitivity for Accurate Multiplexed Proteomics at the MS2 Level,” Journal of Proteome Research (2021).
  5. Eyan Yeung, Sarah McFann, Lewis Marsh, Emilie Dufresne, Sarah Filippi, Heather A. Harrington, Stanislav Y. Shvartsman, Martin Wühr, “Inference of Multisite Phosphorylation Rate Constants and their Modulation via Pathogenic Mutations,” Current Biology (2020).
  6. Leonid Peshkin, Meera Gupta, Lillia Ryazanova, Martin Wühr, “Bayesian Confidence Intervals for Multiplexed Proteomics Integrate Ion-Statistics with Peptide Quantification Concordance,” Molecular & Cellular Proteomics (2019).