Biomolecular Engineering

A suite of tools developed from chemistry and biology empowers the production and improvement of biomolecules, like DNA, RNA and protein, in the service of human health.

Cellular and Tissue Engineering

Harnessing mechanisms that underpin cell functions and dynamics leads to advanced research into disease, genetics and the development of organisms large and small.

Complex Materials and Processing

When simple molecules join together through complex processes, they form materials with new functions and properties to enable the next generation of applications that shape our lives.

Energy and Environment

From solar cells to biofuels, from water remediation to oil recovery and beyond, the useful application of first principles makes our world cleaner and our technology safer and more efficient.

Surface Science and Catalysis

Investigating interactions at the atomic scale, between phases or at the interface of materials, enables a sweep of technological innovation for everything from fuel cells to fusion reactors.

Theory and Computation

Predictive models seek deep insights into the phenomena of the physical world, helping to validate and advance the design of leading-edge chemical and biological systems.