Chris Browne

Chris Browne

Stow, OH


Chemical Engineering
Purdue University

My Research in Technical Terms

Unstable Polymer Solution Flow in Porous Media

And in Plain English

I use polymers to aid the removal of contaminants from groundwater aquifers and the recovery of oil from reservoirs.

How I Got to Princeton

I fell in love with research during my first summer at Purdue, and explored as much as I could in five different labs. I came to Princeton because it is a great community of people who genuinely love the research process.

Interesting Fact about Me

My favorite thing to do is try to guess the physics or chemistry behind things I notice in daily life (Why to coffee grounds in an aeropress tend to sediment in a dome? Why does a cooling pie get one big crack in the center, and how do I stop it?). It's a fun way to exercise your hypothesis muscles.

What I Do to Clear My Head

Rock climbing

Favorite Book

Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel García Márquez

Favorite Movie

The Grand Budapest Hotel

What I Like Most about Life in Princeton
Great community of students and faculty who support each other.


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