Jenna Anne Ott

Graduate Students in the Spotlight


Fremont, CA


Chemical Engineering
University of California, Santa Cruz

My Research in Plain English

I look at how small particulates interact with lung mucus.

Interesting Fact About Me

I have a red-footed tortoise named Peanut, and I have had him since I was 8!


Pets make everything better.

Favorite Quote

"So it goes."  -Kurt Vonnegut, from Slaughterhouse-Five

What I Like Most about Life in Princeton

I have made such amazing friends so quickly, and it already feels like my home even though I have only been here for a few months.


Chris Browne
Stow, Ohio
Joanna Schneider
Queens, New York
Michael A. Palmer
Darien, Connecticut
Trevor Jones
Cincinnati, Ohio
Maria Nicola Barbosa Muniz
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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Allentown, Pennsylvania
Jenna Anne Ott
Fremont, California