Joanna Schneider

Joanna Schneider

Queens, NY


Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Johns Hopkins University

My Research in Technical Terms
I study how structured colloids behave at fluid-fluid interfaces in porous media. My goal in studying this behavior is to develop nanotechnology that will improve the efficacy and minimize the cost of groundwater remediation.
And in Plain English

I'm looking for creative ways to build nanoparticles that can provide more people with clean water.

How I Got to Princeton

I was looking for faculty and students who were passionate about research that answers fundamental science questions and could provide solutions to 21st century problems. What I found at Princeton was exactly that, plus a vibrant community of people who support each other and are highly motivated to be the best scientists in the world.

Interesting Fact about Me
I have classical voice training and went to performing arts high school.
What I Like Most about Life in Princeton
Princeton puts an incredible emphasis on the quality of student life (and it shows!). I've never been surrounded by a group of smarter, happier, more incredible people than I am here.
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