Maria Nicola Barbosa Muniz

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Chemical Engineering
Military Institute of Engineering

My Research in Technical Terms

Investigation of collective properties of water and electrolyte solutions using ab initio methods and classical force fields.

And in Plain English

Developing and applying computational methods to study water and aqueous solutions.

How I Got to Princeton

Princeton was one of my top choices because of the faculty and their research, and because the research is so interdisciplinary. After the visit, I was amazed by how collaborative the environment was.

Interesting Fact about Me

I absolutely love to read! I read everything from memoirs to science fiction books.

Favorite Book

When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi

What I Like Most about Life in Princeton

The many intellectual and cultural events that happen on campus.

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Maria Nicola Barbosa Muniz
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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