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Course Offerings

FALL '18
CBE 245Introduction to Chemical and Biological Engineering Principles
CBE 250Separations in Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology
CBE 260 / EGR 260Ethics and Technology: Engineering in the Real World
CBE 262 / EGR 262Fundamentals of Bioengineering
CBE 341Mass, Momentum and Energy Transport
CBE 351Junior Independent Work
CBE 415 / CHM 415Polymers
CBE 438Biomolecular Engineering
CBE 442Design, Synthesis and Optimization of Chemical Processes
ENE 318 / CBE 318Fundamentals of Biofuels
MAE 228 / CBE 228 / ENE 228Energy Solutions for the Next Century
CBE 199Foundations in Chemical and Biological Engineering
CBE 246Thermodynamics
CBE 346Chemical Engineering Laboratory
CBE 352Junior Independent Work
CBE 422Molecular Modeling Methods
CBE 433 / MSE 424Introduction to the Mechanics and Dynamics of Soft Living Matter
CBE 440The Physical Basis of Human Disease
CBE 441Chemical Reaction Engineering
CBE 454Senior Thesis
EGR 308 / CBE 308Engineering Mathematics
MAE 305 / CBE 305Mathematics in Engineering I (ordinary differential equations)