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Course Offerings

FALL '19
CBE 245Introduction to Chemical and Biological Engineering Principles
CBE 250Separations in Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology
CBE 341Mass, Momentum and Energy Transport
CBE 351Junior Independent Work
CBE 415 / CHM 415Polymers
CBE 419Enzymes
CBE 442Design, Synthesis and Optimization of Chemical Processes
ENE 318 / CBE 318Fundamentals of Biofuels
MAE 228 / CBE 228 / ENE 228Energy Solutions for the Next Century
CBE 199Foundations in Chemical and Biological Engineering
CBE 246Thermodynamics
CBE 346Chemical Engineering Laboratory
CBE 352Junior Independent Work
CBE 421Green and Catalytic Chemistry
CBE 430/ MAE 430/ MSE 430Squishy Engineering: Using Soft Materials to Solve Hard Problems
CBE 433 / MSE 424Introduction to the Mechanics and Dynamics of Soft Living Matter
CBE 439Quantitative Physiology
CBE 441Chemical Reaction Engineering
CBE 454Senior Thesis
MAE 305 / CBE 305Mathematics in Engineering I (ordinary differential equations)