Declaring in CBE

Professor Datta works with a small group of high school seniors in his lab

Deciding on a concentration is one of the most important decisions an undergraduate makes. That's why we make every effort to provide transparent information about the expectations, curriculum and culture of the department.

At any time, students can call or email Julie Sefa, undergraduate administrator, with questions large or small. For academic consultations, students should contact the appropriate adviser. We are available to help guide you to make an informed, confident decision about your future.

Detailed steps to declare a concentration in chemical and biological engineering are below. First, we recommend students familiarize themselves with the contents of this website.

  • The Undergraduate main page gives a brief overview by the numbers.
  • The Path to Graduation page provides details about the curriculum.
  • The Undergraduate Research page lays out the many opportunities students have for independent work, including stories about senior theses.
  • The Student Life page gives a slice of life beyond the academics.


Steps to Declare

1.  Late March

Pre-Concentration Form
Complete the Pre-Concentration Advising Form on the TigerHub website. Click on the Academic Planning Form (APF) to access the Pre-Concentration Advising Form.

2.  Late March

Course Offerings
View the Fall 2023 chemical and biological engineering courses on the Registrar’s Course Offerings site.

3. Early April

Engineering Departmental OPEN HOUSE

This is optional but encouraged. It's a great way to meet your future professors, talk with current students, and ask questions about the program. 

3.  Mid April

Advising Period
This is your academic advising period. Once you complete your Pre-Concentration Advising Form, find the appropriate adviser based on the first letter of your last name. Contact your adviser with academic questions or to schedule an appointment.

4.  Mid April

Select Courses
This is the time to select courses for the fall semester.

5.  Late April/Early May

Declare your Concentration. BSE first-year students indicate their concentration on TigerHub.

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