Spotlight on Christina

Christina Sue '19


Queens, New York

Residential College

Wilson College

Career Goals

If I can roll journalism, environmental sustainability, urban planning and engineering into one job, that would be the ideal place for me.

How I Got to Princeton

After four years at a humanities-oriented high school in NYC, I realized that I wanted to pursue engineering while staying true to my liberal-artsy side.

Interesting Fact about Me

Sometimes, when I'm nodding off at my computer while trying to write a paper, I'll accidentally type out my dreams.

Place I'd Most Like to Travel

Myanmar (Burma) - I'm half Burmese but I haven't gotten around to visiting...yet!


#PrincetonHack - take advantage of all the opportunities to travel with Princeton! I've been able to travel to China, Japan and India through Princeton's generous programs!

Favorite Book

The Opposite of Loneliness by Marina Keegan

What I Like Most about Life in CBE

The people for sure! As rough as CBE is, my fellow classmates are some of the most helpful, inspiring and sensible people I know.

Christina Sue '19